Mod Beans

The Mod Beans

Here is a little introduction and background into each of the core Mod Beans members. This will hopefully remain up-to-date..

Andy 'Soul Rider' Wilson
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A man with a plan

Andy 'SoulRider' Wilson

Played Natural Selection since 2003. First modding project for NS2 was "The Hunter". More succesful projects include - GorgeCraft and Proving Grounds. He is especially proud of the Gorge Farting BileBomb mod, which he can update again as the Bilebomb has been given back to the Gorge!!

Oh and he came up with the silly idea of getting the NS2 modding community together to form a collective, this collective, imaginitively titled, Mod Beans.

He loves music and cats.

Alex Hayton

Jim West

Amanda 'rantology'



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