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Welcome to the Mod Beans Wiki. Here you can keep up to date with all the latest developments on our mods and other releases. This site is very much under development, so please bear with us during the inital phases as we put this all together.

Mod Beans United is a modding collective for the game Natural Selection 2. During the Beta development of the game (Natural Selection 2 is scheduled for a September 2012 release), a number of keen modders began producing a wide range of mods for the game, some of which have been included in the full game, others that have not.

The modding community for Natural Selection 2 is very open and modders regularly help each other with code. Out of this was born the idea to form a modding collective, to better manage each of the mods, and to make it easier to test and create new mods.

This Wiki will be the main home for information on the design and gameplay of the mods.

We are also putting up a little gallery to pay our respects to the aliens of the Natural Selection universe. If you have any Alien art you'd like to add to the Natural Selection Art Gallery, let us know!

Explore, Enjoy and help out wherever you can. Just hit the button below to sign up to the site!

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